GRID 2 Review

If you’ve been waiting for a quality racing game, the wait is over! GRID 2 is here to present you with an outstanding experience that will leave few players dissatisfied. The game is an absolute blast and can offer tons of exciting, action-packed moments on its numerous and beautiful tracks.Story and GameplayOne thing I really appreciate about this game is that it actually has a campaign of sorts, and also tries to get you emotionally attached to some of the virtual drivers participating in the various races. I find it really cool that drivers in GRID 2 have regular names, and you actually meet some of them a number of times on the track. The game is pure racing, though, there are no cops, mafia, or anything like that, so the story is exclusively built around the drama that happens on the track.Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, as GRID 2 features one of the very best car handling systems ever seen in a racing game. Even though the developers from Codemasters are calling it TrueFeel, the handling system’s goal isn’t to make controlling the cars feel particularly real. The developers have aimed to strike a good balance between a realistic and an arcade feeling, and it’s safe to say that they have done a wonderful job. This is not Need For Speed, because it’s actually very easy to completely waste your car, should you enter a turn with too high a speed, but at the same time the game is very fast-paced and packs a tremendous amount of action, which makes it feel like more of an arcade-style racer. GRID 2 is also a great racing game thanks to its variety of gaming modes. You can do traditional races, but there are also some more exotic options like Drift, where you specifically have to excel at drifting. Thankfully, the singleplayer features a custom race mode, where you can just pick the track and the car that you want and race against the AI. A really cool option is the split-screen mode, where two players can race against each other on the same machine.Graphics and SoundThe original Race Driver: GRID was simply gorgeous, and thankfully, the same thing can be said about GRID 2. The tracks, environments and the cars are absolutely beautiful, without being too complex in their nature, and without being too demanding on your system. Various effects like smoke, dust, lens flares and glows add color to the visuals and are simply fantastic. The only poorly-looking part of GRID 2′s graphics are the fans scattered around the start/finish line, as their models are very low-res, but once the race begins, the crowds of people around the finish line actually start looking great at high speeds, when you can no longer focus on the small details.The sound approach in GRID 2 is also very good. Since most of the game is a campaign mode, you often hear your buddy navigating you while you’re in the middle of a race, warning you about potential obstacles ahead or providing you with other valuable information. Effects like engine screams and crowd noises are fantastic, while the music during the cut-scenes is awesome and helps you get pumped up about the upcoming race. The one thing I dislike here is that music is largely absent during the races themselves, which is simply mind-boggling, as it can be such a powerful tool in action-packed moments, such as the ones that GRID 2 is so full of.The VerdictIt’s a bit early to say, but this is probably the racing game of the year. GRID 2 keeps everything that I loved about GRID 1, and augments it with additional racing modes, cars, tracks and options. The game strikes the perfect balance between realism and arcade-style racing, which makes for an extremely fun experience overall. I wholeheartedly recommend GRID 2 to every racing fan out there.

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Strategy Is the Name of the Game

In the words of, famous media personality, David Frost, “Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn’t have in your home”. The operative word here is ‘home’. If you think carefully about what unites people from different age groups, belonging to different social strata and gender at many given points of time during the day, you will realize it is their appointment with their favourite shows on television. In a nutshell, television is that medium of addiction that brings people back home, be it for the FIFA world cup, the coverage of the general elections, the vigour of the IPL matches or any popular entertainment programme. But what goes behind making people from varied backgrounds with varied tastes get drawn to their TV sets? Surely, a multi pronged approach towards the programming of a particular television channel – in short, a programming strategy that might attract or distract eyeballs.Easier said than done? Here’s how the programming head of the General Entertainment channel, Colors, Ashwini Yardi, and her team created a successful strategy for their channel. “For GECs like Star, Zee, and Colors, programming is a different ball game as compared to a film channel because everything is original. You cannot be buying stuff but you have to make stuff. When we started Colors, the first thing was to draw an STT. STT is a strategic timetable, which you make according to the time slots. So lets say your show is going to start at 7 pm and is going to go till prime time 11-11:30 pm. Then you decide if its 7:00 pm from Monday-Friday what am I going to show? Is it going to be a soap? If it is a soap, then what kind of soap? If it is 7:30 pm then what is the soap that people like to watch at 7:30 pm and so on and so forth? So what strategy we used in Colors was that from 7-10 pm we would go with small town focus soaps.So if you see the program schedule of Colors, we have a very traditional soap at 7 which is more based on Vaishno Devi’s blessings and etc.; 7:30 is a dowry based show which is a small town based out of Lucknow and other parts of UP; and 8 o’clock is when we have the biggest show right now, Balika Vadhu, which is again based on a rural background and has a concept like child marriage. At 7:30 pm, we used a mythological like Krishna followed it by a couple of shows, which were a mix of rural and metro centric. What we did then was to move on to attract metro audience and we started something like Fear Factor which got in all the audience from metros and all the audience which were not GEC watchers. So everyone came to watch the 13 hot women and Akshay Kumar. So we got all the young boys to watch the women and we got all the young girls to watch Akshay Kumar. So that is how we started the channel, which really worked. So you need to start from the beginning of exactly what you want to do and then slot by slot decide what you are going to put where and then you design each show separately”.

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