Cheap Football Tickets – Maybe Not So Bad

Cheap football tickets may be a misnomer of sorts but it explains the nature and popularity of the gridiron sport.The least pricey football (season) ticket for any college or pro team is still somewhat expensive but for the sports fan it is worth it. No matter what the price, cheap football tickets offer the enthusiast some unique and ofttimes enjoyable football watching experiences.Cheap football tickets usually describe the tickets which are obstructed, in the end zone or “way up there”. Each of these can offer exceptional value and a potentially satisfying football experience. But be sure to pick the type of ticket which suits your personality. Obstructed view seats are usually in the first three to five rows on either side of the stadium.The disadvantage is one of the football teams will be standing along the sidelines in front of you. The advantage is you are real close to the field and the players normally move around so actually missed plays are very few and far between. And from these seats you can hear the action.The “way up there” seats are customarily in the upper deck or third deck. The seats are usually more spread out than below giving the customer a more relaxed feeling. And there is nothing between you and the field except for a lot of atmosphere.A good set of binoculars comes in handy here.Expensive binoculars can be purchased through any national sports equipment chain and they have all kinds of sales. A regularly priced $99 set of binoculars can often be had for about twenty bucks. A good set of binoculars will put you in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage. After you have had them a couple of games you will easily be able to follow all the action through the lenses.The end zone cheap football tickets have become a prime ticket in many venues. A lot of college teams have “red zones” “x-zones” or whatever and in the professional ranks the “dog pound “and the “hogs” are legendary.The end zone is a truly unique football adventure. The fans often times dress up. They seem to yell more and they appear to be having a lot of fun, no matter what is going on with the game on the field. Contests are often held here for the “most rabid fan and “most painted fan ” and so forth. And if you celebrate too much and miss the play, there is always the jumbo-tron replays.All in all, cheap football tickets can provide the buyer with an affordable and depending on your individual temperament a rewarding football watching experience. Do not forget, the cheap football ticket can be a fun football ticket!

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